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May 3, 2010

Penguinstones, LLC. Supports Michigan Military Moms.

Michigan Military Moms is a support group for moms with sons and daughters serving in the United States military To Date, Penguinstones LLC has donated over 200 penguinstones that were sent to our troops over seas. We have also made a substantial cash contribution to help offset the cost of shipping the care packages to our troops.


April 7, 2009

Contact: Glenn Bevak
Tel. 586-850-1892

How a Penguin Stone made a difference.

Being a single parent can be a challenge any time. In today's economy, there are even more pressures on single parents than ever before. The fear of losing a job, less money to go around, less time spent happy and relaxed. Lisa C found herself in an ever bigger pit. Behind on bills, trying to spend more time at the office, Lisa's son began using drugs and selling drugs to earn money to keep up with the other kids in school. Today Lisa and her son are on a road to recovery, Lisa is getting her finances under control and her son is getting the help he needed. But on one of the most difficult and dark days, Lisa remembers a turning point.

"A friend of mine stopped by work and gave me a Penguin Stone. I had no clue what was in the box but after opening it and reading the card, I started to cry. I had no idea how lonely and depressed I had become. With this gift, I realized that I was a loved and cared for person. Today, I have the pop-up penguin on my desk, but I carry the beautiful stone in my pocket as a reminder of the fact that I am important and loved by other people."

Penguin Stones TM are based on one of the most interesting behaviors in the animal kingdom. Adelie penguins, one of the most popular species of penguins, give each other stones. Most commonly, the Adelie penguin will exchange a stone as part of their courtship ritual. But the Adelie has been observed giving stones in other instances as well: instances that would represent friendship, caring, love, and promise in the human world.

Penguin Stones, LLC wants to share that same feeling of love. A gift of a Penguin Stones TM is a way to show your friendship and love. The Penguin Stone box comes with a pop-up penguin designed by nature artist, Kathy Telfer, and nestled in the penguin's wings is a beautiful semi-precious stone. A card insert tells the Adelie penguin story.

"The idea for Penguin Stones TM was born out of love. On a recent trip to northern Michigan, I found a beautiful Petoskey stone and brought it home for a friend. When I gave it to her, she remarked that I had given her a penguin friendship stone. The rest just fell into place. It is my goal to bring that friendship and happiness to people" stated Penguin Stones' Chief Penguin Officer, Glenn Bevak.

About Penguin Stones TM. Penguin Stones LLC is a Michigan based company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. Penguin Stones are a Made in Michigan company. Penguin Stones LLC donates 5% of our profits to support the preservation of the Adelie penguin habitat and to support charitable organizations that enrich the lives of others.