Congratulations on your purchase of your Penguin Stone. The most common Penguin Stones are listed below. Use caution around young children, small stones can be a choking hazard.

Abalone Brilliant iridescent colors
Agate, Apricot Pastel orange to cream, usually banded
Agate, Banded Carnelian Orange pink to bright orange with banding or spots
Agate, Blue Lace Light blue with lace banding
Agate, Blue Chalcedony Lace Blue with thin flat seams of lace
Agate, Green Moss Mossy patterns in clear to white agate
Agate, Green Tree Green Moss patterns in white agate
Agate, Turritella Small spiral shells in brown agate
Agatized Coral Colors of beige, pink, red to brown often with coral patterns
Amazonite Bright blue-green with some white streaks
Amethyst, Lilac Translucent lilac
Amethyst Medium to dark purple
Apache Tears Clear to translucent, smoky obsidian
Aquamarine Blue to green translucent
Aventurine, Green Dark to medium green w/flakes of mica
Aventurine, Pink lighter color version of Red Aventurine
Aventurine, Red Sparkling burgundy red
Aventurine, White Silvery white with mica spangles
Beryl Medium opaque blue aquamarine
Bloodstone Dark green jasper with red spots and patches
Buddstone Mottled apple green
Carnelian Bright orange and light to dark orange
Celestite Translucent pale blue
Chrysoprase Medium green, opaque
Citrine Orange to light yellow with some clear to white quartz
Copper Nuggets Brightly colored native copper nuggets
Dalmation Black spots on light grey quartzsite
Danburite Transparent colorless or very pale pink
Emerald Opaque emerald green
Garnet Purplish-red Amandine
Grossularite Green with small black spots
Hematite Metallic grey color
Iolite Light to medium translucent blue
Jade "Vonsen Blue" Light to dark grey-blue nuggets
Jasper, Brecciated Red with white, cream & black patterns
Jasper, Fancy Colorful mixtures of greens, reds, yellow, purples, etc.
Jasper, Ivory Warm beige color w/some black dendrites
Jasper, Picture Brown scenic lines in tan Jasper some w/blue-grey "sky"
Jasper, Picture Dark blue, turquoise or coral
Jasper, Red Bright brick red with some creams
Jasper, Starry Red, black & white w/pyrite inclusions
Jasper, Yellow Yellow, beige and brown mixtures
Labradorite Grey with light blue-gold flashes
Lapis Lazuli Bright blue with white/grey areas
Leopardskin Black-ringed yellow to reddish spots on cream to reddish background
Lepidolite Sparkling lavender mica
Magnesite Natural white with grey spiderweb lines
Malachite Light to dark banded green
Marble, Zebra Striped black and white or Striped black w/ coral green, purple or turquoise
Moonspar Coral, blue, green, purple, red or turquoise
Moonstone Soft beige-tan earth-tone colors
Obsidian, Black Jet black obsidian
Obsidian, Snowflake Black with white 'snowflakes'
Peridot Translucent lime green
Picasso Stone Black lines criss-crossing brown to grey backgrounds
Pietersite Brecciated blue & gold tigereye
Prasiolite Greened Amethyst
Prehnite Light translucent green with brown markings
Pyrite Sparkling bright golden metallic
Quartz, Green Light to medium translucent green
Quartz, Orange Light to deep orange
Quartz, Peach Soft shades of peach
Quartz, Snow Snow white, slightly translucent
Quartz, Yellow Light to medium yellow
Rhodochrosite Pink usually banded
Rhodonite Light pink with some yellow & cream streaks
Rose Quartz Translucent medium pink
Ruby Red to Pink
Rutilated Quartz Clear to smoky quartz w/rutile needles
Sapphire Blue, pink, or yellow
Serpentine Chartreuse shades
Smoky Quartz Light to medium dark color with inclusions
Sodalite Light to medium dark blue, white lines in some pieces
Sunstone Cream colored feldspar with golden flashes of hematite
Sugilite Dark spot, bright medium purple, sometimes mottled & spotted
Tigereye, Blue Blue brown.
Tigereye, Gold Golden brown
Tigereye, Red Rich dark red
Topaz, Silver Clear
Tourmaline, Black Grey with silvery flashes
Tourmaline, Green partly translucent
Tourmaline, Watermelon Pink or red and green
Turquesite Magnesite nuggets turquoise with black lines
Turquoise Light to medium blue
Unakite Mottled green and pink